I'm Lluis Cuenca, student of industrial engineering and CG artist, specialized in creating high-end digital sets for architectural visualization and interior design.

I work directly in all stages of a traditional 3d production pipeline (Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, post-production) for still, animation and 360º presentations.

To better assist my clients, I'm constantly improving my capabilities as an artist/entrepreneur to always deliver the highest quality material possible, trying always to understand clients’ needs. 

In each visual I strive to combine the passion for computer generated imagery with the love for design, and enjoy the process of creating a concept and a feeling around my scenes.

In general I work on projects as flats, houses, hotels and offices, willing to create something new every day.

Finally just say that I consider myself a creative and open-minded person, and I think that hard work and imagination need to be hand by hand for whatever purpose in life.